Saturday, March 22, 2008


I think I'm just going to implode if I don't find a link to a website that has some of the how-to's of applique. I am DYING so anxious to learn how to applique on a sweatshirt jacket. I want to be able to wash the I don't know if I should use just plain fabric...or if using acrylic felt would do, or if it should be wool felt. I have so many questions about it and I can't find the first website that has any info on making one. I'm for thinking..beings how I know nothing about the how-to's...that I might need to just use regular fabric.

I'm getting so anxious to try it.... that I nearly bought 3 hanks of pearl cotton the other night.... and then I saw where they had different numbers on them...3 and 5... so there was another question...what size to use...ah! Or can you just use embroidery floss..or would the thread be determined by what fabric you intend to applique.....the questions go on and on.


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