Friday, December 12, 2008


I got this in an email today from my brother...and I thought it fit so well.
Holiday time is here:
The challenge is to treat each other with grace and remember the importance of the connections between us.
It isn't so easy, so here are a few guidelines.
Take very good care of yourself so you aren't stressed out and crabby.
Don't expect or attempt perfection: settle for anything short of a disaster.
Don't ask if the pies are homemade.
Don't correct or criticize anyone.
Choose to be happy, not right.
Don't care who gets the credit for whatever.
Avoid competition and comparison: don't keep score.
Give up playing martyr or victim.
When in doubt, keep quiet.
Remember, very few things are truly important.
Then thank everyone for staying alive so you can love or hate them for another year.
Your relative may not be perfect, but they are yours.

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